Happy Holidays


Since these days there is little to mow, and the blades are all clean, sharpened and in good shape, I went to spend a little time in the woods. In order to keep my hands busy, I brought home a few nice pieces of branches that I cut from a dry, fallen old oak tree.

What I needed from those little branches was a 10-inch fork. The project this time was to make a slingshot to take care of a few unwanted creatures encroaching in the neighborhood.


It is relatively easy, inexpensive and you don’t need much to complete the project. Imagination? Not even that, because it is self-explanatory. All you need are some rubber bands that you buy over the internet or maybe an inner tube from a bike’s tire, and a piece of leather to hold the stone back as you stretch the rubber bands and, last but not least, a pocket full of rocks! Once the project was complete, I tried a few shots to warm up, testing both the artifact and the person (the last time I used one was at least 40 years ago). It worked perfectly, and I now rush to finish these lines so I can go to my post and wait for those not needed creatures to show up.


This is a closer look at how I inserted the rubber bands into the arms of the fork.


And finally after all that work the whole thing paid. I caught the bad guy, I saved the skin and hung it on the wall.

Happy Holidays. Feliz Navidad and Stay sharp my friends..