Upcoming Events

This coming July 13th there is Gipuzcoa’s (Vasque Country) final hand mowing competition. It is in a wonderful little village called Aia where my grandmother was born. More info about this event here: web page dedicated to Vasque sports.


North Haverhill Fair
New Hampshire
July 23-27, 2014

Addison County Fair & Field Days
August 5th-9th, 2014
Interesting hand mowing contest with different categories for different ages.
Planning to go? See you there !

Past Events

V Concurso de Siega de Sariego 2004 / V Mowing Contest of Sariego 2004
Every mowing contest in Spain–and they are numerous–judge winners on a variety of criteria. Most value the quality of the cut area above speed, though speed does come into play. At this event, which offers a great window into a large mowing contest, the top five fastest mowers were ultimately judged on quality, with the winner being the man who most cleanly cut his area. The oldest and youngest mowers also were recognized.  Check out the particular way of honing of some of the mowers.

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