Celtic Festival Duel

MD, Celticfest demo

Every year in early summer, a friendly, cultural, sportive and fun event takes place in Maryland. It is the Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival. It is growing steadily.

Music, Scottish sports competitions, herding and obedience dog demonstrations, Celtic groups proudly representing their heritage, dancing etc… and hand mowing demos. It makes me happy to see that every year there is more interest in hand mowing. People of all ages, genders, professions and backgrounds, showing their interest.

This year, the organizers wanted to take the scything demo to a different level and have a contest. Scythe blade vs gasoline-powered machine, and there we go!! My competitor was a strong, enthusiastic young man more willing to work and win than his own weed whacker.

I did watch such a man-to-man combat before. But no one else had, (according to their testimony) so no one knew what to expect.

I began by explaining the benefits of the scythe that we all know too well. It doesn’t polute, is silent and ergonomic, doesn’t smell, is inexpensive to acquire and to maintain, is beneficial to your body and mind since it is like practicing yoga or meditation, it gives you time to see and avoid creatures or nests hiding on the ground, and on and on … The blade itself is a piece of art.


As I was explaining this, I could see in some eyes already some favorable expressions towards my scythe. At the same time I was feeling bad for my competitor, who deep inside was realizing that his machine was not doing any favor to the environment. Nevertheless, my respects for him.

The videos here clearly illustrate what every tool is capable of doing–also not forgetting the quality and cleanness of the cutting.


Maybe next year we can change tools and I have no doubt he will win.

After my victory I thought I would do a little fishing…

big trout. My best catch

Until next time stay sharp my friends