The New Generation of Scythers


We all know that nature is very wise and just by a quick observation at the animal world, (including human species) and the vegetable one too, we see how cleverly some species went from near extinction to a number that comfortably assures their continuation on this planet, (At least for a few more years at this pace). Some of them transform or “reinvent” themselves in a different shape, color, behavior or other astute tricks that help them to adapt to a hostile or different environment.

Believe it or not, something similar is happening to the scythe world.IMGP2109

Although one living organism is declared extinct when the last one of a particular species dies, the scythe blades do exit probably in the some number than 80 years ago, some of them rusting in old barns, hanging for decades from rotten fences and some lucky ones very well taking care of, shiningly decorating living rooms! With no one to use them, so to be more precise what was almost disappearing was the act of mowing in some parts of the world.IMGP1996

Suddenly something happened that is awakening the interest for the use of the scythe again. Perhaps all that talking about the famous or infamous global warming by not only environmental experts, politicians too and even the Pope! And without a doubt the TV series Poldark is contributing to this new interest for scythes. Personally I have not seeing that particular chapter, I heard and read the opinion of some good mowers and they are not happy about how Mr. Midan Turner swings the blade. Some of those experienced mowers describe his motion as the one more appropriate to play golf than to swing a scythe. If what I said before is true, then scythe revival have to thank environmental experts, politicians, the movie industry and of course the Pope!IMGP2169

When I said new generation of scythers, I don’t really meant teenagers, in my few last workshops held here in Washington DC and in Ohio there were people from all ages, backgrounds, gender and professions,some do currently have land or garden to mow, others not yet but as a young girl told me a couple weeks ago once she will have a garden or larger piece of land she will take care of it old fashion way and that’s why she wants to learn now.IMGP2069

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are, always watch your back, someone (most probably with sharp nails) may be quietly looking and will jump on your back.IMGP1919

Stay sharp my friends….