Photo Potpourri

monumento al segador en el parque natural Bardenas Reales. Navarra

Not everything that cut is a scythe, sometimes it can be a cat’s claws…

cat and axes

Not every one needs a sharp blade either to drill hard material. Here is a good example of this healthy oak.


Take a closer look. I think this woodpecker missed the target the first time…


Not every stone is good for sharpening or honing…


Now I am leaving you with a few photos of previous scythe related festivals in North Spain.
Peenning under umbrellas…

Competition consists of the best mowing, then in case of tie, the prize goes to whomever finished soonest.

DSCN0644Not a minute to lose…

and as you can see, pretty news girls like scything.


Carrying a bale of hay (before it rains)


Something is missing here…

axes andscythes

I found her drinking a beer …because my cat doesn’t always drink beer but when she does, she prefers Devil’s Backbone 😉

Wilma and beer

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