Unfortunate Encounters as You Mow

Unfortunate Encounters as You Mow

Once we are hands on and the scythe is in real action, at some point it will bump into undesirable objects that can damage, partially or fully, the blade. When that happens the right thing to do is to stop and address the problem since the blade will loose a great deal of its potential and effectiveness.

Although a single large rock or a visible stoned area can be quite intimidating, at some point you will hit a stone based on miscalculation. However if you are cautious, the damage usually is not critical. The worse nightmare for a scyther is coming across a hazard that he or she doesn’t see or expect (like others things in life), such as something hidden close to the ground only noticeable when is too late. The most common object is a loose wire from a broken fence.

broken fence

Depending of the nature and severity of the accident, damages can be cracks, dents, chips or a long area of the bevel bent. Most of the time, this damage will require immediate repair, using a file to smooth those sharp angles and then an anvil and hammer to bring metal material (by hammering carefully to the direction of the dent) from behind to slowly fill the gap or empty space.

The other unpleasant encounter that you might come across is a snake. In this case, don’t worry about the blade (or the snake).


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